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  At the Tegernsee Auction House, personal advice is a top priority. Art can be viewed on 3000 square meters in the auction house. 

Walter Ginhart, born in 1957, began dealing with antiques at the age of 11. His entry into the antique business was through furniture, followed by training as a carpenter and restorer and further training in art history. "The most important person in my professional life was my mentor, one of the greatest German collectors, whom I got to know through my training as a specialist restorer," says Ginhart.

To this day Walter Ginhart continues to work as a consultant in addition to his work as an auctioneer. In doing so, he appraises furniture and has the equipment to liquidate complete estates. His experience from 40 years of dealing with art benefits him in this respect.

"The most beautiful thing about my work is when curiosities appear," says Ginhart, "when inconspicuous objects suddenly become interesting for the art market. He fondly recalls a nice incident when he auctioned off a small old Ottoman oil lamp in the shape of a dragon: the limit was 1,000 euros, the bid fell to 60,000 euros - an Ottoman collector bought the lamp. The owner of the object cried with joy: she had received the old lamp as a gift from a neighbour whom she had cared for with the last money she had. 


"Collecting art or investing in art always pays off," says Walter Ginhart, who lives for art.

For visitors:

Please bring time. You can also combine your visit to the auction house with a trip to Tegernsee. Walter Ginhart offers art from floor to ceiling and from carpet to chandelier.


Extract from a newspaper article.